Sights and outings in Kristinehamn

Sights and outings

At Herrgårdscampingen, no one needs to be idle. In addition to the fantastic nature experiences on both land and water, there are plenty of activities, excursions and cultural experiences. Read some of our suggestions below or visit for more inspiration.

The Picasso sculpture

Visit one of the largest Picasso artworks in the world! There is also an exhibition building where you can see how the statue was built.



Within walking distance from the campsite is this indoor water park with a 95 meters long water slide, diving tower, currents, children’s pool with shallow beach and jacuzzi.


Järnleden, ``The iron trail``

A 30 km long, high quality hiking trail, which leads through historical terrain that extends between Hytte and Kristinehamn’s guest harbour. Walk the entire route or different stages.


Visit Kristinehamn

In and around Kristinehamn there are lots of fun sights, activities and attractions. Get more tips at


Tour boats

Take a tour boat to the Picasso sculpture or further our to one of the islands in the amazing archipelago of Vänern!


Arenan's ``Lek & Luft``

On walking distance from the campsite is this 6000 square meters large indoor playground with games and sport for all ages. There is a separate playland for the youngest visitors (0-2 yrs).


The Museum of History

The history of Kristinehamn has much to tell! Visit the Museum of History to learn more. We also recommend you to go on a guided historical tour through the town.