Sights and outings in Kristinehamn

There are many sights to see around Herrgårdscampingen, and lots of fun to do! For example, visit the famous Picasso sculpture, go on a pirate treasure hunt or challenge your family to physical quests at Boda Borg. Come see us in the reception for more suggestions on sights and outings in the area!

Picasso sculpture

One of the world’s largest Picasso sculptures can be found in Kristinehamn, just a short walk from the campsite. By the sculpture is an exhibition where you can follow the process of getting the sculpture in place.


Boda Borg

Boda Borg in Karlskoga are quests, filled with exciting challenges which you and your team must get through. A unique experience and great fun for the entire family.


Järnleden trail

This trail (30 km) is one of Sweden’s 10 best hiking trails. Beautiful nature and exciting cultural history.


Bojorten, Christine af Bro

Go on a cruise with the beautiful Bojorten and experience Lake Vänern.


Rune stone at Järsberg

The mysterious rune stone at Järsberg in Kristinehamn is one of Sweden’s oldest, dated all the way back to the 4th century – before the vikings.


Visit Kristinehamn

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